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JAMU Traditional Spa was first opened in 1989 in Bali, Indonesia. Jeannine Marie Carroll, the founder of JAMU, and a natural healer and traditional herbalist, specializing in “jamu” Indonesias herbology, is passionate about Indonesian wellness traditions and its rich array of herbal treatments found in the abundant flora and fauna. It has been her vision to create centers for those who wish to learn more about Jamu.

Over the years, JAMU Traditional Spa has grown from a tropical day spa, to one of the country’s leading educational centers for the study of Indonesian beauty and wellness. The prestigious Jamu Spa School opened in 2005 and is now the leader in Indonesian spa treatments and has an international list of graduates. Each year JAMU Spa School offers scholarship programs to local Balinese women.

“From all the theories that may arise in the world about herbal and holistic treatments, it is called natural only if it uses ingredients from nature”. At the JAMU Production House all items used in the spas are designed, blended and packaged ready for the retail outlets and spas.

“Twenty years after its establishment, JAMU Traditions has always believed that knowledge of nature knows best so let nature be your healer.”